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MAY 2023



"The Congregation" by Mark Ricche

When an old west gang of bigots brutalizes a congregation of social outcasts, their Rabbi struggles to maintain control of his flock after they decide to defend themselves by raising the dead.


"Wherewolves" by John Vamvas and Olga Monte

A group of high school seniors - most of them 'military brats' - and their teacher, The Sarge, go on a survival training weekend and must face unspeakable terror.


"Ma's Way" by Christopher Buonopane

 A comedy for the whole family packed with surly humor, classic heist genre set-pieces and over the top characters.


"Cloning Christ" by John Earl Spare

A renowned scholar is blackmailed by the Vatican into time traveling to ancient Jerusalem in order to retrieve a vial of Christ’s blood.


"ReView" by Jonathan Zarantonello

A game of power dynamics intertwines the lives of several amused participants, then the videos leak and those lives are forever changed, destroyed, or ended.


"The Elevator" by Robert D. Rice II

There should be a warning sign outside the elevator. 'Enter at the Risk of Being Educated'


"Baby Girl" by Jason Godi

A pregnant young woman running from an abusive past finds a house with a horrific legacy and a malevolent presence that craves the life growing inside her.


"Grey Ladies Down" by Robert Hamel


"Bad Love Tigers" by Kevin L Schewe

The Bad Love Gang, a fun-loving group of teens, travel back in time to World War II and find themselves on a mission to protect a mysterious alien spaceship and America’s top-secret Area 51.


"TWINKS" by Keith Soforic

Two TWINKS risk everything to protect a wealthy friend from a dangerous blackmailer.  A story of friendship — unorthodox as it may be — and the loyalty among those friends.


Screenplays by Raymond Leech

"Little Chicago"

A story about Steubenville, Ohio, once nicknamed “Little Chicago”, a town with a long history of crime, vice, and corruption, all fed by the ugly influence of organized crime.



On Friday, May 31, 1889, 20 million tons of water laid waste to a valley of small towns in central Pennsylvania, and eventually the city of Johnstown. Over 2,200 people would perish, 99 whole families would be gone. Drowned, crushed, burned alive. And the worst part is, this tragedy might have been prevented.

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